Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rude Awakening

When I first arrived here we were often awaken by a rooster at about 4:30am without fail until the rooster was most likely used for someones dinner. Months of mornings without the rooster's charming calls has been wonderful, however, about a month ago we have acquired new friends. Yes, there are pigeons who are about the size of chickens who fly into the rod iron caging around my window to make the most bizarre noises I have ever heard. The crazy part is that the pigeons don't come everyday just at those times when I need sleep the seems. My roommates and I have grown accustomed to shaking the window or banging on the window in order to get the pigeons to leave, but they often forget how to get out of the rod iron structure and take several attempts to get out. One of my roommates just told me that there are usually two pigeons in her window in the morning and one day she looked out after they had flown away and there was a large pile of q-tips on her window seal. We figured that they were going to build a nest. My roommate, after receiving counsel (LOL), decided to brush the q-tips off of the ledge quickly to avoid being awaken by little pigeons. I keep trying to imagine the shock on the pigeons faces when they returned to see pieces of their barely constructed house scattered all over the ground below. She still gets serenaded in the mornings and sometimes it's so loud that it wakes me up as well. Maybe it's their revenge. I never even knew that pigeons sang! Ha ha ha I will try to record the pigeon wake up call and post it, so you can hear too! :)

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