Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Grader Conquers Mt. Locker

So today I sent a student out of the classroom to 'reset' himself and after about two or three minutes I heard a small rumble and when I went to see what was happening I found him sitting on the top of the lockers touching the ceiling. I immediately said,"What are you doing up there? and How did you manage to get up there in the first place?" I had to laugh out loud. He looked surprised that I would ask such questions and told me that he knew that I sent him to stand in the hallway but thought he would get the papers that were on top of the lockers for me while he was up there. I just stood in awe and told another student to get the principal. While my other student was going to get the principal the student asked me if he could get down, but looked a little nervous about his journey down, so I told him to stay there until the principal came so that she could see exactly why I was asking her to come to the classroom. He squirmed around a bit trying to find a way to get down from the top of the lockers, while the principal walked in and gasped! She proceeded to ask the same questions that I asked him in a rather loud tone. After the scolding she tried to help him down and was he was too afraid to get down so she had to climb onto a chair to help him down. She called his parents and he was sent home. For the life of me I cannot figure out how he was able to get on top of the lockers without seriously hurting himself. I can laugh about it now but I can say in all my years of teaching I have never had a student do anything like this. This among other events made today very interesting to say the least!